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is my light big enough

This is a discussion on is my light big enough within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Originally Posted by reefsahoy That was par per bulb, so pick 6 and then that would be par total. So if he picked 300 ...

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is my light big enough
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Originally Posted by reefsahoy View Post
That was par per bulb, so pick 6 and then that would be par total. So if he picked 300 par bulb x 6 that would be 1800 par
Not the way i added it up. He was giving PAR for the 150w Metal Halide. One Metal Halide, tested at 12" deep, PAR values with a Metal Halide would be higher than any T-5 that I know of. But, you got higher PAR with your T-5, I just find that very interesting is all.
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yeah i was pretty successful keeping sps with 6 t5's using tek 5 fixture and most of the corals were 20 inches or closer. got lots of colors and i did keep clams at the full 24 inch deep, i did start with 3 white bulbs but never liked the colors then went to the ati bulbs and kept the corals and clams for over a year before moving to the MH 4t5 combo on my rimless.
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