moving my anemone??
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moving my anemone??

This is a discussion on moving my anemone?? within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Hey all pretty new to salt recently bought an anemone and it has parked it self in a bad spot in my tank you ...

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moving my anemone??

Hey all pretty new to salt recently bought an anemone and it has parked it self in a bad spot in my tank you cant hardly see it. Just wondering how and if it will hurt him to move him.

thanks Joel
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Welcome to, Joel.

My advice may not be entirely reliable as it has been a long time I kept SW. However, there is no need to try moving it elsewhere you want unless it is near powerheads where it may eventually shred to pieces thus killing it. It will simply move again anytime.
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Most anemones do move around but typically will stay put once happy. To further facilitate their placement make sure they are in moderate flow, excellent lighting and hand feed in that spot a few times.

To move them there are a few simple tricks. The best call for removing the piece of rock they are attached to. By lifting it from the water and suspending it upside down out of water, over a bucket, they generally release quickly. I've found that massaging them with ice can speed things up. If they must be removed where they are, I place a lot of ice in a plastic bag and reach into the tank massaging the foot area of the anemone. They will let go in about 5 minutes without destroying any of the foot.
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i think you should live the anemone alone its going to keep moving i think you should check ur water.. make sure everything is right your anemone is going to keep moving unitil it finds the right spot, just leave it alone it will come out when its ready ...[/list]
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