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Does anybody know what kind of macroalgee this is?
Is it good? for removing nitrates?

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I cant think of the name right now. But the best stuff looks like hair.
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That is Caulerpa and it is not someting you want in your aquarium here is an article that may help..
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it is Caulerpa and it is best to have it in your sump. i wouldnt put it in your display tank due to the fact that it grows so fast. but it can be a good nitrate absorber because it grows fast.
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Personally we use Chaeto in our sump it doesn't reproduce sexually, it isn't invasive and hard to remove, and it isn't highly toxic. It also grows quickly.

If you wish to keep the Caulerpa here are a few suggestions:
NEVER grow it in a show tank! (it's little rootlet thingies invade your hard corals and kill them)
If you have it in a refugium, trim it regularly (no less than every two weeks) and keep the light on 24/7. Allegedly, disruption of the day/night cycle, and keeping it from maturing fully inhibits it going sexual thats when you have problems.

There are plenty of people that grow caulerpa in the refugium. As most marine organisms, you just have to understand what you're dealing with and minimize the risk.
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Another reason it is not good is when it is going to die it will release it's pigment into the water which will make the water in the main tank and sump a milky white.
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