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Invertebrate List

I need help making a list of inverts for my 125 gallon reef tank.

I currently only have one invert in the tank - Branded Coral Shrimp (Gold)

Here is the list of coral I will be ordering:

1 Button Polyp - Med or
Colony Polyp - Med

1 Yellow Colony Polyp - Med

1 Hairy Mushroom Coral - Med

1 Bullseye Mushroom Coral - Med or
Green Fluorescent Mushroom Coral - Med

1 Acropora Coral, Color Tip Med

1 Horn Coral, Flourescent Med

1 Acropora Coral, Neon Med

1 Pavona Coral Med

1 Tree Coral Med or
Cabbage Leather Coral

1 Cauliflower Colt Coral Med

1 Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral Med

1 Yellow Fiji Leather Coral Med

1 Acropora - Green Med

1 Montipora Coral, Encrusting - Colored or
Montipora Coral, Branched Med

1 Ruffled Ridge Coral Med

1 Porites Coral, Yellow Med

Here is the list of fish for the tank:

1 Percula Clownfish
2 Neon Gobies
1 Bar Goby
1 Green Chromis
2 Ocellaris Clownfish (Already have one)
2 Firefish
1 Shrimp Goby
1 Clown Goby
2 Royal Gamma Basslets
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Be careful with other shrimps, coral banded shrimps can be very territorial and will usually fight with other shrimp. In that size of a tank, with enough live rock, you might be able to pull it off.
What about hermits?
snails? Turbos grazers, while good at cleaning can get so big as to knock over corals... but margarita snails, astrea snails, nassarius snails... all really great for different jobs, you can add all to the same tank, and in a 125, you can add a lot of them.
If you try other shrimps, peppermint shrimp can be very useful at keeping aiptasia away. In that size of a tank, with a lot of rock, there is a likely chance that aiptasia will become an issue at some point. Aiptasia will take over and kill corals, and can be very difficult to get rid of manually... can be very hard to reach them to do it manually. Peppermint shrimp get where you can't, and when there is no aiptasia for them to munch down, they will eat other foods such as formula 1 frozen food, brine shrimp, and even mysis shrimp. Brine helps to keep the peppermint shrimps at peak color.
Starfish? Lots of options there, too... but beware, you dont want chocolate chip stars, pillow stars, or anything else carnivorous. Linkia, serpent, brittle... all good for a reef tank, but beware, the green brittles can get very large and get aggressive towards other small animals, such as your shrimp gobys. (are you sure you want to try to mix shrimp gobys in with the bar goby? The smaller bottom dwelling gobys could likely become food.)
Let me think on it some more, there are a lot of options for you...

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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I'll just get a shrimp goby and leave the bar goby out. Would I be able to get more inverts by moving the Branded Coral Shrimp to another tank? Thanks for your help.
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That will depend much on how your rock is arranged and how the tank is set up overall... keep in mind, 125 is big, but for saltwater, its really not as big as u think... there is still limited space because most marine animals are territorial and their territories cover much larger spaces than most freshwater animals. The other thing to remember is that saltwater is entirely different than freshwater... salt makes the water denser, has effect on oxygen levels, nutritent levels and how things break down. Most shrimps don't do well in the same tank as other shrimps. I would suggest studying the many types of shrimp and inverts out there, find things u like and then find out what is safe with it. If you have questions about any specific species, please just ask.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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I agree with her, don't forget your clean up crew inverts! Nobody seems to like hydroids, noticed they weren't on the list. Why is that? I love them, kept some really nice ones.... Can out compete weaker corals, especially the stony ones so you have to handle them with care.
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get 5,000 cuttle fish!!!!!!!!
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