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Hermit Crab Care

Say one gets a few hermit crabs and puts them in a 47.5 Gallon tank , without fish, or live rock.. what would be absolutely necessary for their survival? I mean is a protein skimmer and specialised lighting really necessary to start off with?

ps I already have a cannister filter that provides all 3 types of filtration, a heater and I'll buy some power heads to get some flow and extra oxygen into the picture. Substrate is silica sand and i have a large 'dead' rock in there which is like a tunnel.
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They really don't need anything at all. May wish to add a touch of fish food once a week but nothing more should be needed. When I moved I placed a lot of my rock/corals into large picnic/camping coolers to stabilize the temps. When I was finished I hurriedly placed the coolers on the back porch, lid closed. 2 months later I remembered them and went out to clean them. I hadn't realized that several small heads of zoas had been left behind and about 20 small hermits were alive as well. So for 2 months nothing was added, the lids were closed, outside in TX heat, yet they survived.
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Jebus!! LOL!! Talk about hardy! How many do you reckon i could place in a tank my size (47.5G). By that i mean relatively smaller, less hostile hermit crabs to go with the pair of clownfish? diameters are something along the lines of 38' x 16' x 18' or something..
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90 is where I'd start. The 2 largest concerns to keeping hermits would be sharks ( the small ones in the hobby eat em up) and other hermits. They will slowly kill each other off for their shells so it's wise to begin with to many. But in the end 2 per gallon would be good. So 10-90.
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