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my other question, is where would be a good place to buy a timer for my lights?
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Originally Posted by Saltwater beginner View Post
o ya man its fine it does not sound like an attack at all i dont mind it and it is very helpful, i know i tend to have the personality to just go drive to my LFS and pick up stuff with out looking into it to much, but when u say slow, i dont 100% understand what "slow" means
to start, learning what is what. you have alot of reading ahead of you IMO if you wish to have success. this is a long term hobby over the span of years

i suggest reading about everything and anything saltwater related and then match up what seems logical as some knowledge (on any subject for that matter) is incorrect. there is so much to learn in this hobby its incredible (for myself included)

i guess a good place to start would be water chemistry. calcium, magnesium and alkalinity and even pH and salinity all effect water quality. Heres somewhere to start but should not end here. Another article concerning sumps may be found here:

a timer can be found at walmart or a hardware store. fish stores sell timers as well but they may be overpriced and there has also been issues with coralife timers as some have claimed them catching fire. IMO i would rather the security of going with a timer from a hardware store.
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ya sounds good and i do test my alk weekly and it takes about 10-12 drops to turn the water in the test tube yellow
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but i have not been checking calcium or mag, but my LFS comes to my house once a month to service my tank and do water changes and cleanings
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but since i am making the change to a reef tank i know that i will have a lot more responsiblity and will have to do a lot of work on it and i am prepaired to really learn about reef and what is needed to not fail ;)
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and just to clear it up the frags that i am buying have like 1-4 polyps on them nothing huge or anything like that and when i buy them my LFS has deals that are buy 1 get 1 free and they are around 5-10$ per frag
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See if you can obtain Aquarium Corals Book by Eric Bourman. I find this book very informative. I dont know where in NY,but that forum I mentioned have lots frags for sale by the members where you can obtain tons of info from the keepers. But you should do your own reading and research in order to achieve successful Reefer. ANd you should get your hands wet. that the fun part of fish keeping. Reef tank once stablized, is the most easiest tank to handle ,IMHO.
Like i said, check their classified section. It will blow lfs!.
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Originally Posted by Saltwater beginner View Post
ya sounds good and i do test my alk weekly and it takes about 10-12 drops to turn the water in the test tube yellow
Not trying to be critical here....

These sort of statements are what you need to further education yourself on. You need to learn to speak the marine hobby language correctly if you are going to find quality help. MOST people on an internet forum would loose patience and stop helping you immediately after reading this comment. This basically says "I am not interested in helping myself, but I want you to help me." If you want people to freely give you their time, then you need to make that time worth the effort.

What is 10 to 12 drops? Is this a DKH reading?
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Lets take a look at a quote in the sig...

"Research and Read BEFORE you Buy and Breed." I think that fits in here?

Pasfur made a very good point. What I want to know is, what have you since done to the tank from when you bought the frags, besides adding the K4's? You still have no idea what lights you have, your CA level, or MAG level. How old are the lights as well? When was the last change?

You are avoiding the big picture here.

This would help us a ton as well; post some pics of your entire setup.
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ok i took some water tests and my No3 is 80, No2 is 0, PH is 8.0 or 8.5 cant really tell, my Alk is around 180 to 240 cant really tell that also, lol its hard to match up the colors on this 5 way test strip. but ya thoes are my water parameters, and i am still trying to see what kind of light i have but idk were to check
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