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ya i live in new york
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Although this is great forum, Look into Manhattanreef, a dedicated reef forum. Check their classified section to buy used itemand frags and also get to meet fellow reefer as i am one. Should have more than one PH . Still could use the 402 . Think about Wavemakers. Yes, Im also in NY. LMK if need more info. Cerianthus

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kk will do thanks man
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got a few new frags 2 day and few other corals was just wondering on about how long it takes for them to open up, they looked great in the store but by the time i got them home and in the tank they were all closed up, just wanted to know if any 1 knew about how long it takes for the frags to open up like they were in the store..... and thanks a lot 1fish for that advice on the powerhead i picked up that k4 to day also
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IMO your moving to fast, way to fast.
first off you said you dont know much on corals so how do you know if you can meet the needs of them?

you also have NOT posted your ca,mag, alk levels.
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+1. You don't even know what type of lighting you have.

And you only got one K4 on a 120G? You will need more than that.
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ya i know i am moving way to fast :( and still have much more to learn and i did not just get 1 k4 i got 2... also i am not so worried about the cost on frags or corals hehe my wallet can handle it ;)
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all i got 2 day was just like 2 frags for $8 each not a big investment, and also a leather and i will only be staying with softies.
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just because you can afford something doesnt mean you need to go out and buy it today.

going slow will not only save you money, it will increase the chances of sucess. i cannot stress this enough, so i will say it again. going slow will increase the chances of success.

put it this way, if you have lots and lots of money you can fully stock a tank in a day but you cannot mature the system in this amount of time.

as you have said there are also many things for you to learn as well. for example, calcium, alk, and magnesium which is REQUIRED in a reef tank. personally i would rather see you invest in a quality protein skimmer at this time then corals as it is the heart of a saltwater tank. reviews should be read to ensure the purchase of one that is quality and will do an effective job skimming.
i hope this doesnt sound like an attack as i only intend to get a point across. going slow, is the way to go.
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o ya man its fine it does not sound like an attack at all i dont mind it and it is very helpful, i know i tend to have the personality to just go drive to my LFS and pick up stuff with out looking into it to much, but when u say slow, i dont 100% understand what "slow" means
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