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Don't Break The Chain Corals

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Don't Break The Chain Corals
Old 04-15-2014, 01:02 AM   #1
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Don't Break The Chain Corals

This is a program that has been in effect in many inner hobbyists circles,Forums, and Marine Societies,and I think it would be great to start it here.As the title states the name of this program is called Don't Break The Chain and is quite often just referred to as DBTC.The main purpose of the DBTC is not only to help alleviate some of the stresses that occur from harvesting our wild reefs but to insure the continued availability of these species in our home aquariums for generations to come.

The way this works is that when a person has a coral that has gotten to large and needs trimmed or the coral has replicated itself to the point that the colony needs thinned down they may post the frag\coral they wish to share in a DBTC thread.The coral then is offered up to a fellow reefer BUT the recipient,once the coral has grown to a fraggable size,must offer up the first 2 frags of the coral to fellow hobbyists that in turn must REPEAT the DBTC Process. This method works best in local communities to distribute the coral species but I have seen it work in situations that involve shipping from state to state as well and see no reason it should be discouraged to do the same here.

One of the necessary basic terms are that the person getting the frag will be able to care for the coral and providing a little tank history and parameters readings that can validate such.

These are the basic rules I have been accustomed to and feel they should transition here well.

How to Post:
1) Give a brief description of the coral in the thread topic, DBTC"Blue Acropora" for example.
2) Give a bit more detailed description of the coral in the body of the message. If you don't know the exact species, donít worry. It's hard, it's a stick, call it an Acropora! Mention what lighting you have it under, how high in the tank it is, the flow conditions, water test results, or anything else that you think is relevant.
3) A picture is worth a thousand words! Get a camera, take a picture, and donít worry if it's not the best. Post to any one the many online photo hosting sites (, and then post via image tags in the body of the message
4) Clearly state your terms for this DBTC transaction, and what you would like to see happen with the coral.

I might recommend a copy and paste of the relevant information here whenever one wants to post up a DBTC thread.Don't forget to update the thread when the coral frags have been accounted for.
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Old 04-23-2014, 05:30 PM   #2
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I don't see why this would not work with aquatic plants as well,just keep the good generosity going.
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