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Corals questions...

This is a discussion on Corals questions... within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> So, I seem to have a couple corals. One is a red mushroom; I believe it is simply that; a red mushroom. I wanted ...

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Corals questions...

So, I seem to have a couple corals. One is a red mushroom; I believe it is simply that; a red mushroom. I wanted to know how they spread/grow/breed, how fast they do this, and the best spot for them...I placed it in the shady low-flow part of the tank and it looks like it's straining to reach for the light...o.O It's a dark red, almost burgandy. It has lines and bumps, but doesn't match any image of a red mushroom I've seen; there is either too many lines or bumps, or the image is a whole nother tone of red altogether. My camera hated close ups, but following this post, I will attempt to take pics and post them.

Also, I have two one inch sections of Japanese Blue Star Polyps on their host rock, and I've had them about 3 weeks now, and there's been NO growth...

Note, I have the salinity down due to ich while I am waiting for the meds to arrive :)

Otherwise, temp is at 24 degrees celcius, salinity is exactly 1.015, all others nitrite/ate ammonia are 0.

There's the shroom! See it peeking over to get the light?...


PS, if you know what that red one is with the blue polyps, I'd like to know...Lol...That started as one little red....orb?

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what kind of lights do you have? how about your alk/cal and mag levels? these are important.
you could actually slice the mushroom like a pizza with a clean razor blade if you insisted on having more. they are that simple to frag and in a short time you'll have a few mushrooms from the one. if you do not wish to attempt this leaving it to do its thing will give you more shrooms in some time. i would bump that salinity back up when you can as this prob. is contributing to slow growth.
the red thing in the other picture is an aptasia which is a pest anemone and will sting near by corals. this may be the reason why they havnt fully opened or growth here is slow too. i personally would get some 100% lemon juice and fill a pipette and squirt it into its mouth. if you bump it with the pipette it will retract into the rocks, so get as close to it as possible without doing so. you may also want to turn off your powerheads for the short time being while you do this. they also make store bought products for killing aiptasia but i find lemon juice to be pretty effective.
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My kH was at 8 last time I checked it.

While I do have some aipstasia around and about, I blame the poor image for the confusion there. I meant the red thing directly ON the polyps, not the one in the background. These are bulbous and round like green bubble algae but are red and are growing by themselves.

If I decide to slice up my mushroom there, do I cut the stem too, or just the top? How many slices is too much? Do I separate the slices, or let the mushroom do it? Do I have to take it off its little base first? And, what kind of mushroom is it? Am I right by assuming its simply a red mushroom?
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you are right, its a red mushroom. i personally would get the tanks parameters on target before doing anything to it. if you have patience it will multiply on its own given the tanks parameters are good. keep in mind cutting it will then take time for it to re-grow into more mushrooms. i would then remove the rock if possible, then the mushroom. i would say cutting it in half, and then those two halves in half so you have a total of 4 pieces, you could do more but i think that would be a good start. the larger the pieces the faster they will heal and then grow and its best to include a piece of mouth (the center) in each of the pieces. i would then just drop the pieces into my tank and let them naturally find a spot where they will regrow into new shrooms. be careful they dont get sucked to a powerhead ( even though ive seen them grow there ) or into an overflow down into your sump. mushrooms are prob. the easiest to frag and one of the more forgiving.

the red growth that you talk about is hard to see in the picture. try to see if your camera has a macro setting ( usually its a little flower on point and shoot cameras ) to get a close up, clearer picture. it may be some type of sponge or algae.
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I have a Sony Alpha a200 with a 55-200 telephoto, hence the issues with pictures. Lower light doesn't help...

I realized I never answered your lighting question. We've got a 10000k CF with white/blue spectrum at 30 some odd watts and a sea bulb regular florescent white/blue at about 20 some odd watts. Ambient lighting is a yellowy color.

I'll try to snap a picture with my husband's camera, and see if I can snap a better shot.

Angle one...

Angle two...

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I haven't done fragging yet, but these articles are pretty easy to follow:

Theres also a ton of vids on youtube of people fragging mushrooms.
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How did the red mushroom appeared in those corals? It looks good too.
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how did your red mushroom get on?
i am asking as i just got sum mushroom pretty much given to me as some one was closing down there system.
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