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Well my tank has several bristleworms in it and no problems. My 20g softy grow out has low flow and thousands of bristles that you can see crawling everywhere with no problems. 2 months back I tore down a 200g system and it had about 20 large BTAs that split constantly. We found around 60 2 foot and longer bristleworms. I'm thinking you were having other troubles and the bristles may have eaten the dying anemones.
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I've had the tank set up for 2 yrs now. The salt tank anyway have had freshwater for over 40 yrs. We've taken everything in the salt tank very slowly and carefully. Have had a few losses, some of the gobies just don't seem to do well, although they are some of the prettiest fish. With the anenome's we studied them heavily before we tried bringing any home and made sure the tank was in top order, correct lighting, water flow, feed etc. Bought VERY healthy animals watched the water quality closely, fed them correctly, accilimated correctly etc.. Kept finding them with the middle eaten out of them and flushed the red crab thinking it was him, the second time it happened. Tried 2 more and lost those the same way. Bristle worms were the last thought in our mind as we had no live rock yet. After going through the first 4 we weren't planning on anymore. Found the fire bristle worm and flushed him and decided to give it another shot. Have had the one that has had no issues for about 6 months, he's growing and thriving and doing well. You can tell me the bristle worm didn't do it all you want. I'm convinced he did, trouble stopped after he was flushed.
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thats the first time i have heard of a bristle worm eating anything in an tank. are you sure your anemone was alive and healthy and not sick. if it was sick and dying that bristle mayhave at it because of that.
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It wasn't the bristleworm. All anemones dissolve from the center out when they give up. Anemones are very tricky and anyone here will attest to the fact that they have probably had several go before keeping one alive. If you had one bristle, you have a lot more still in the tank.

But go ahead and believe what you want. It's that kind of obstinance that holds people back from having awesome tanks.
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