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Cleaner Crew advice

This is a discussion on Cleaner Crew advice within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Hey gang, maybe I can help with this question. I pretty much agree with Beta (she's one smart cookie), but I had a Fire ...

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Hey gang, maybe I can help with this question. I pretty much agree with Beta (she's one smart cookie), but I had a Fire Shrimp and Skunk Cleaner together in my 55 Gallon FOWLR tank and they worked fine. Be warned though that the Fire Shrimp will be very territorial of the Cleaner Shrimp and will run it off if it strays too close. Also, the Fire Shrimp has small pinchers on the front (the Cleaner has very small/non-existent ones) and he will use these on any other shrimp that comes too close. Once the initial confrontation is over, they'll know each others boundaries and should be fine together. The Fire Shrimp only wandered around about 1/4 of the tank and the Cleaner took the other 3/4s. Also remember that Fire Shrimp are very shy and somewhat nocturnal, so they will rarely be seen out and about (mine would only come out long enough to get a bite of a shrimp pellet off the bottom of the substrate and then quickly retreat to eat it). The Cleaner Shrimp IMO, is the better choice and will be seen out and about as it sees fit.

This is only my opinion of course, I could be wrong.
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I apologize for the delay in my response, life can get quite hectic sometimes. I finally got a chance to talk to my husband about this, and he also said the compatibility of any 2 different shrimp species is going to be largely dependent on the amount of rock in the tank. The cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp would be a 50/50 shot. He also said that provided there is enough rock, other combinations that may work are cleaner shrimp with peppermint shrimp, or the smaller species of coral banded shrimp (yellow and purple only because they stay small) would mix ok with peppermint, cleaner, or fire shrimp.

We both suggest that whatever combination you attempt, please keep a close eye on them during the first month or so. Any signs of aggression, add more rock, rearrange the rock already in there, and seperate them if needed.
Best of luck to you, let us know how it goes or if you need any further help.
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