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with only 12 gallons and having softies, a quality salt mix should be enough to keep your params in good shape. you still may need small doses here and there though.

i would skip on putting rubble rock in the fuge. it catches debris so your prob. better off just using the rock you would put in there in with the tank too.

btw, cody is a good person to talk to about nanos.
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Thanks for the tip on Cody. As for the LR rubble and cheato in the HOB fuge, what the do is they put it in a small plastic cup and add holes to the outside of the cup not the bottom and this way the water flows through everything and there is no need for cleaning up the compartment you just remove the cup and everything cleans up great works like a charm, or so I am told.
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HEY1 did you get your crab issue solved? It sure sounded like and looked like an emerald! Sometimes they get a funky algae or something on them, even coralline algae and they look a little different. Also I dont remember you sating you had any deaths in the tank, or corals that looked picked on. The emeralds are great little dudes!! I think a gorilla crab would have gotten much bigger. I hope you got it all resolved. HAPPY REEFING
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Jay, I did not get the crab out! He is still there. The hubby even took a hammer to the big piece of LR he was in and broke it into 4 pieces. I was a tad sad since I had had that LR for almost 10 years, but w/ doing some corals now to the tank the smaller pieces work out better for me. Gives me more room and option to my scape now. He does look like he has some funky algae as you say or even coraline on him, and I am even dumbfounded he is not bigger for being in the LR for so long. I am hoping with all the pounding hubby did to break the rock up, maybe he killed it if it was a bad crab.

I never had any trouble w/ any corals or any fish going missing in all the time he had to have been in there so I do not know what to think. I just placed an order for some corals and shrooms tonight so we will see what happens when they come in, all I can do is watch and see. Thanks for the post, and I will keep all updated.
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Gorilla crabs are easy to catch, and based on your photo, I'd wager that's what you have. Nonetheless, the sharp claws are tell tale signs of a carnivorous crab. You should set your focus on removing him. I've had them, and they can be relatively easy to catch. once you locate his hiding spot, you can try to lure him into a net with a large piece of meaty food. Krill or Silversides on a kabob skewer work well for that. If you are unable to get him into the net, Place a drinking glass or other clear glass jar into the tank (upright) with the rim next to rock as close to the crabs hiding spot as possible. place meaty foods in the bottom of the glass, and wait. The crab will enter the glass for the food, but will not be able to climb back out. Then just carefully remove the glass.

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The glass with a piece of shrimp in it is what I use. Looking my tank with a flashlight just now I spotted 2 crabs that I didn't know were in there. I had a big nasty red banded hairy one in there that killed fish and ate some corals a few months ago.
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