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can anyone id this anenome plez?

the first one is the biggest specimen, when fully open at night about, well maybe a little over an inch in diameter. the second is a little one you can just see at the base of the rock. now i do feed it and there are 2 big (as above) size ones and at least 2 tiny ones. basically anything anyone can tell me about these guys would be good. thanks
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Could you circle them for us? It's really hit or miss what I think "might" be your anemone. Did you add them to the tank or did they just appear? If htey appeared probably aptasia.
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i think its a type of aptasia, but could be wrong. they can become a nusaince but chouldnt if you have good water conditions.
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they're circled in red now. they came on the lr when we bought it. we have an apastasia, with very thin wispy tantacles (if thats what u call them) that comes out at night. But these guys have a very distinct mouth in the centre and can move their tentacles individually. they can completley withdraw into their base, but dont hide in any hole in the rock. they don't move around the tank either. they do open in the day but seem to prefer the night. im not sure if u can see in the pic well but there tantacles are mostly transparent but end in little brownish bubbles. their main body is the same color as the bubbles.
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I have been tring to figure out what they are I have a couple on my live rock.
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They are majano anemones.

If you read through my replies to others you'll see that I'm familar with them. I do like them as they look great but pack a serious sting. They will sting and kill better corals. They reproduce as fast as aptasia. They are hated by reefers.
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Thats what they are called...for some reason the only thing that was comming to mind was aptasia. I will have to remember that word :D
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thnaks, i couldnt find out for all my searching!
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I see the specimine in the picture, and I have some like that in my tank too. Maybe three total. They live in deep holes, or crevices in the liverock, and only come out at night. The tentacles are almost completely clear. If it wasn't for the tiny white dots on the tips, you could barely notice them. The mouth is a thin white-ish slit.

I'm by no means an expert, but I just can't seem to make the connection between what he's trying to identify, and the large green majano anemones. I'm going to read more about them and see if I change my opinion.
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its not exactly the green ones but a species of majano like in the first pic.
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