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Camelback shrimp and peppermint shrimp

I got a few shrimp about I thought I was getting peppermint shrimp but I think I got camelback shrimp. I am not really sure just yet but I am gonna try to get a better look at them. I haven't noticed any coral being damaged or anything like that, but I want to know the best way to catch them or what I can get that will eat them? I hope I am they are not camelback that would really be bad.
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they are very similar looking. if its peppermint shrimp it will be red with yellowish white markings. if its camel it will be white and red markings. i wish i could tell you there was some easy way to catch it if its not the one you want, but i dont think there is.
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If I have to tear it down the get the little guys I will I just want to make sure I got the right shrimp. I don't really have to much coral in the tank but I don't want to get the tank going them have them destroy my corals. I will try to get a pic to let you guys see what they are tonight. I am pretty sure they have white and red on them, I just can't remember if they have the hump.
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Peps are a solid pinkish body with red markings. Camels are a alomst clear body with markings. Prices should reflect as well $8 for peps and $20 for camels.
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I paid 18 for both of them. I know they haven't touched the coral since they were in the tank. I am pretty sure that there is white on the shrimp. Could it be my light? I hope it is.
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They were camelback shrimp I got them out today. I had to tear down the whole tank to get to them but I got them. The fish store even gave me peppermint shrimp when I told them what had happen. Took me a long time to catch them but I did a 70-80% water change and moved some rock. I am getting my new lighting this week I can't wait. :D
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For future help, my shrimp come out when there is algae wafers or peas, they are easier to catch that way. I dont know if this will work in a salt water, but mine are easy to catch when there is food lol.

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Hehe I got them I had to break down the tank but I needed to move around some things anyways. Thank for the tip
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