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post #11 of 16 Old 06-03-2008, 08:34 PM
"i try it nothing appears in the window where the pic should be."
You can try register urself and upload the photobucket www.photobucket.com

Then from photobucket, copy and paste the IMG link here.

I have my own test kit
Do you produce your own test kit?

Biowheel is going to become a 'trate facotry
The whole purpose of Biowheel is to trap these.
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The Biowheel harvests beneficial bacteria for FW tanks. This way, you will always have some sort of nitrates in the FW tank. My 30G Community has never been below 10ppm of 'trates.

In SW, these can potentially kill corals and damage fish/surviving corals. Nitrates are very bad to the health of corals, fish, and inverts.
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post #13 of 16 Old 06-03-2008, 10:17 PM
"very bad to the health of corals, fish"

This mean they should ban all the Filter that comes wiv bio wheel as it is harmful to SW only recommended for FW.
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post #14 of 16 Old 06-03-2008, 11:27 PM
No, it is just that the Biowheel itself is useless and Harmful for SW use. The filter is fine. You can even convert it to a mini fuge with rubble and macro if someone wanted to.
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Just in case you haven`t found out yet what your bubble was doing let me help.
It is quite normal for many corals introduced from one tank / environment to another. The brown string is zooanthallae that is being discarded, your tank has different lighting or it is in a different position from the tank you purchased it from, this means that it is probably receiving more light and being a newish tank has less nutrients in the water.
As a rule of thumb the better the water quality and light the better / lighter the color of the inhabitants you keep.
Hope this helps.
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thank u so much, I still wasnt sure what it was doing cause it didnt look as if it were dying or anything. I noticed last night that it had opened up again and released tha brown stringy stuff from the center. Thanks so much!
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