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Am I forgeting anything????

I have a 12g FOWLR that has been up and running for almost 5 years now, I am making it into a small reef or Nano as they are called.

My Live Stock list so far...
about 23-25lbs LR and 1" or so LS...both have been in the tank almost 5years
about 3-5Nassarius Snail and babies they have had ... will be getting more
2Turbo/Astrea Snail
1 Pep Shrimp
1 perc who is almost 10 years
also found a crab that has been in LR since tank was set up, doing my best to catch the lil" bugger.

Lights...20" 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF Hood w/ 50/50 Quad Tube that combines 10,000K and True Actinic 03 blue( will be here by Friday 20th )
1- Koralia Nano PH
1- Current USA Lunar Light, Nocturnal Blue
1- Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Filter 100gph, says good up to 20G tank

Corals... Hubby brought home a Kenya Tree to surprise me, I'm worried since I only have the stock light for an Eclipse hood till new lights come in on Friday.

What I would like to know is there anything else I need before placing my order

I have read a few post on making a HOB fuge out of an AC 50 but kind of confused on how to do that, so still trying to find good links that explain.

Any help or suggestions w/ any of my equipment or anything at all would be great. Thanks all
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No Penguin HOB. The biowheel is a nitrate factory. And you don't need to mod any filter, because you have an AIO (all-in-one). I'll give you a rundown on what you should have in certain compartments.

Area 1: This is where the water comes in. You can house many things in here, but most either leave it empty or use some sort of filter floss. However, the first area has a false floor that needs to be removed, as it catches detrius which leads to nitrate buildup. You can just pop it out. Don't be afraid on breaking anything; just apply pressure slowly.
Area 2: Your fuge. Just stuff a bunch a chaeto algae in there, add some lighting somehow, and done.
Area 3: Return Pump. Purigen is another option as to what can go in there.
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What do u mean by the all in one, I am not going to be using the Eclipse hood, I bought the new Coralife quad light so the eclipse hood will not be used. That is why I bot a HOB power filter. What will be a good filter if not the penguin? The eclipse only houses a 15w bulb that is why I bout the other lights.
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Oh, I'm sorry, when I saw 12G I thought you had an Aquapod, Biocube, Nano Cube, etc.

Your best bet is to get an AquaClear 110 and turn it into a fuge. This HOB is a monster and easily adds 1+ gallons of water to your tank. I actually have one lying around I never used.

Let me try to find a link where you can DIY a fuge.
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Thanks Cody, I got a bit confused there for a sec...
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yes i agree on skipping the bio wheel. the kenya should be fine until the new lights come in this friday.
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OK Guys I just ordered the Aquaclear Power Filter So I guess I am all set till everything comes in.
My Koralia and the Penguin and Current Moon Light says will be deliverd tomorrow, my new lights on Friday and not sure how long it will take for th AQ Filter, comong from Ohio I think. I guess I can use the Pengiun w/o the Biowheel till it gets here, should that be OK?

Any tips you can give would help w/ the AQ fuge, any special light I need for the fuge?
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