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August 2007-Tank of the Month Contest


This is my 55 aquarium. I wasn't sure if we were suppose to just submit one picture or several.

10 Neon Tetras
2 Black Neons
1 Red Tailed Shark
1 Cherry Barb
4 Cory cats
Various fancy guppies
2 Dwarf Gouramis

Shannon Kimes
Sweetwater Arabians & Web Design
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Dive Tank-TOTM


This tank was set-up in 1997 andstill going strong, 90% of the livestock I collect myself.

Saltwater 4foot (67gal) and Reef Rock/Plugs (300)Sump (12gal) with a 3000ltr/hr return pump(32watts)
1x 6025, 3 x TUNZE 6045 for flow.
Aquasonic Skimmer with 3000ltr pump
16watt UV. *5 Lights: 2 Actinics and 2 Daylights and 1 Gro-Lux.
*Fish @ the moment: Powder Blue Tang, South Seas Devil, Mandarinfish, Lemon Peel, Bi-colour angel, Coral beauty, Scopas Tang(4in), Coral Banded Shrimp(been in tank for 4/5yrs) and a Dusky Anemonefish(3in).. and 2 Red Base Sand Anemones..A pair peppermint shrimps.
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Amazon Aquarium-TOTM


1000L Amazon theme tank with homemade artificial background
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20 gallon Tank-TOTM


3 Male Guppies, 3 Female Guppies, 2 Catfish, 1 Pleco, and 20 baby guppies born 08-01-07

I plan to , one day, see the world from above.
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post #5 of 7 Old 08-10-2007, 06:24 PM
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55 Freshwater TOTM Submission


55 gallon freshwater, all natural - live plants, texas holey rock, and driftwood.

Thank you,
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post #6 of 7 Old 08-15-2007, 07:31 AM
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Loach Motel - All Grown Up


The Loach Motel: 5 Botia kubotai, 2 Chinese weatherfish, 5 Red-eye tetras, 1 Male Bristlenosed Pleco. Plants are Java Moss, Java Fern, Nymphea stellata, Cabomba carolinia, Bacopa carolinia, Hygrophilia corymbosa v. siamensis, H. difformis, Saggitaria subulata, Cryptocoryne parva, and C. wendetii. Lighting is 192 w. Power compact. Filters are Magnum 350 and Eheim 2213

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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One of 354 - A 29g Heavily Planted w/ Swords


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