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wow thanks I didn't even think about what I was going to feed them! But that is very useful information.

Ok so I must remeber a fast and to not feed them too much and I need excellent filtration etc (theres much more)

Is that it so far? I will go do some serious reading search around the internet some more before the time comes to set up the tank

Thank you SO much I now have my bearing and will go be a good girl and do the rest of my homework!

:) Lou
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Hello again! I am revivnig this thread as I am about to start cycling my 37g tank (I decided I would start with that as I already have it and if I like the fish I will upgrade later) I am hoping that would be ok?

I have also been considering a species tank angelfish instead of yellows as I hear they have wonderful personalities (as long as you dont get a nasty one) but my tank is too short for adults probably and I am somewhat preturbed by the idea of their sensitivity to water quality. I know that cichlids need A LOT of filtration does that mean these cichlids (yellows and the like) are also very sensitive? How many water changes would I have to do each week on a well stocked tank? This site's profile on yellows rates them very easy and says that you could cycle with them?

Which brings me to my next dilema of actually cycling the tank I can't get a hold of a good ammonia source I have tried several stores and have only found one bottle which foams ever so slightly when shaken, so I am not sure how I get around that...

Also how can I tell males and females apart to get a good ratio or doesnt it matter quite so much with yellows?

and finally I still havent decided what else I will put with the electric yellows probably when I have a bigger tank I will think about it more :) THANK YOU AGAIN
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I don't know much about Angels so I wouldent feel comfortable giving you any advice on them. As far as filtration for cichlids, the reason for over filtration is because you normally overstock cichlids to keep down aggression and additional filtration is needed to keep up with the excessive bio-load. Yellows are pretty forgiving and hardy but as with most fish, consistency with your water parameters is the most important aspect to their health.

I have found the best method for cycling a tank is to use media from an already established tank rather than trying to find a pure ammonia source.

It is hard to tell males and females apart in yellow labs when they are juveniles without venting them. Luckily they are one of the least aggressive cichlids and the 1:4 ratio is not as important with them as say Kenyi or Auratus.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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hmmm well to add to my cycling woes since losing some fish I have only got one 5g cycled tank with sponge filter and another smaller filter I could potentially put all the gravel in the new tank and run the filters but I dont think that would be enough... would I put all that stuff in with the yellows and cycle from there? Sorry I didn't quite grasp entirely what you meant.

OK I will make another thread asking a few Q's on angels hopefully it would be ok to start a new one.
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