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white convicts

Hi everybody I am new to the forum and have a question. I just moved about 15 white convicts from a 12 gallon eclipse to a 55 gallon long. I was wondering what other fish with color could I put with these convicts which I helped raise from birth. The convicts are anywhere from an inch to maybe 5-6 inches and fat. I also have a pretty large pleco and very small chinese algae eater which are quite happy as well.
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convicts tend to be agressive keep that in mind
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are theyre any other convicts that are not white that could get along with the white ones I have.
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there is pink convicts but theres also alot of fish that can go with them but they do breed more than guppies fish stores here dont even sell them because people get them for free u can probably get parrot fish red tailled shark, rams angels maybe i dont know just keep lots of hiding places
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Welcome to the forum.

Don't buy and keep any more fish. Convicts have a tendency to be extremely aggressive and any more fish in that tank will only meet their life's end sooner than you will expect. The only other morph of the true cons is a black one. Those with balloon appearance are often jellybean parrots.

A 55 gallons can only handle 2 pairs in spawning conditions and no more than that. These fish are very eager to breed and in spawning conditions, they are likely to terrorize everyone in their vicinity.

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