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Wow, 12 inches she will get to? Ya I guess it's better to do it now with the FM. Especially if it is bothering the ghost. It seems to be a more gentle creature. Even when it get bigger?
How did you find out?
Yeah, 10-12 inches for females, and up to 14 inches for male Red Devils.

The BGK is very gentle, and just a baby at only about 4 inches. As the BGK gets bigger, he wont be aggressive as much as he will be a predator. But keeping him with 4 inch fish should not be an issue as he has a good 2 years before he even reaches 8-10 inches, and I have him eating freeze dried bloodworms and such at the moment. I was lucky and got a captive bred BGK verses wild caught, otherwise it would generally only eat live food. But he isnt use to searching for his food, and he is fed daily, sometimes by hand, so he is really peaceful and doesnt bother the other fish at all. He is actually pretty active too and will even come out during the day, and doesnt seem to mind the light on at all.

The Firemouth is generally a peaceful cichlid, as far as cichlids go. But he is currently going from juvenile to adolescent and is finding his own aggression in which he is taking out on the poor little BGK by nipping at him.

And Bonnie (the Red Devil) doesnt mind the BGK at all, for now, but she is beating up on the FM a bit. She use to play with the FM, but as she has entered adolescents she has started bitting at him and chasing him for sport verses play. She keeps getting bigger every day!! He mouth is large enough that if she really wanted to right now she could kill both BGK and FM.

I found out what she was by posting on my local fish aquariums facebook page. I put a few pictures of her as a juvenile and as an adolescent. The store as well as a red devil owner/breeder and a Red Devil fan all agreed there is no denying her being a Red Devil...at first it was up for debate at her juvenile pics because she looked so much like an Orange Blossom Peacock Cichlid, but once her adolescent pics went up, they recognized immediately the "peeling" red devils go through and they told me the black would soon leave for solid white and that she would slowly start turning a reddish orange...and they were so right! She is currently almost solid white where black was, and the peach colors are now deepening into a reddish orange color as her size and aggression keep escalating. It will be about another 2 weeks before I take her to the aquarium store or if someone online wants her. I am also going to go ahead and see if they will take the FM too.

Hopefully I can keep the peace for the next 2 weeks until I can get up to the aquarium store.
Thanks for the feedback!

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