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Get more danios! They prefer large schools and you've definitely got the room to support them. A dozen or so would look great.

You could also try a larger, non-aggressive cichlid, like a geophagus of some kind. Most species get to be around a foot, but they won't eat your smaller fish (as an oscar might) and are generally even more mellow than firemouths.

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i have had my firemouth for about 3 weeks now. he is is in a tank with 9 bigger african cichlids. none of my fish are full adults but they are in the 4 in range. right now they are all fine. if moves have to be made down the line i will do so.

i had an electric blue african that was about 5 in and beating the heck out of all the fish. i got rid of him and replaced him with the fire mouth and another african. there is a bit of nipping but that happens with just the africans alone. none of them are stressed out and it is pretty calm.

i know thia is a big no no in the fish world but i want to see how it works out. aggression will be the only issue. the water parameters are fine and the american adapted the the ph fine. i just met in the middle with ph levels. i am moving up to a 90 gallon so i think i will be fine. i did research before i got the firemouth and i think he is an ok selection for my tank based on aggression and size in comparison with my other fish.

you need to do the same for your tank fish and see what will go with what you already have.
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Hmm...I've definitely seen firemouths in the same tanks as Africans in stores (Petco, I'm lookin' at you) and when young, they can hold their own. However, firemouths are one of the less mean New World cichlids, which means as the Africans age it will likely get the stuffing beaten out of it. It may work for now, but plan on moving that firemouth to another tank as those Africans get bigger (and meaner).

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