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That's why I mentioned use as a treat or supplement, hit them heavy with it once & they're done. I've bred the labs, most anyone doing cichlids long enough has. The fry do well on bbs, but fry in general do better with a bit more protein. Frozen brine is a great thing for the adults, if you feed them the same as bristlenose they will love you long time!
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Originally Posted by CrazedHoosier View Post
I'm pretty sure that's fine. You really shouldn't keep Angelfish with Tiger Barbs, or really any fish. You may be able to keep them with things like Silver Dollars or other types of Barbs, but that's all really.

Um I have two angles.. Male and Female in my 55g.. they size of my fist.. and they are perfectly fine with 2 large orange and blue gouramis... 6 blood fin tetra's.. 2 Bosmani rainbows, 3 sword tail platys . and a rainbow shark..

They don't even look at eachother.. The only time they "chase" fish away when they have eggs on one of the tank.. so that side becomes theres and the other fish stay on the other side... But I haven't had any injuries from anyone

2x 2.6g betta
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I wasn't talking about not keeping Angels with anything thing, I was talking about not keeping Tiger Barbs with anything....

My biggest dream is to someday have Water Sprite!
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