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What could i add to my tank??

hey guys, wondering what else i could add to my tank...
more ornaments which ornaments should i take out or put in?
also with fish, what other fish will get along with my

2 electric yellow
2 electric blue
2 ice blue zebras

I WANT TO ADD SOME MORE FISH :D or am i overcrowding it?

Tank is 4ft approx 200L
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thats a pretty big tank. And I dont think it needs more decor OR fish :)

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add one of those skulls with the air pump and it opens up and releases a bubble every like 30 seconds. lol, i love those things, not sure if it would go well with your tank, but they're fun... as for fish, chiclids get big so i wouldnt add anymore, plus they're messy
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according to your other post you all ready found out that african cichlids and plants don't really mix very well. imo i would loose most of the plants. add more rock work in the form of caves and places where they can just hide. as far as adding more fish, seeing from your pics your fish are on the younger side and you could get away with a few more. unless your not planing on upgrading your tank when they get full grown. the fish you have listed will get 4 -6 inch range.
here is a list of what i have in my 55 gal:
Melanochromis interruptus
Melanochromis johannii
Pseudotropheus socolofi
Pseudotropheus crabro
Metriaclima estherae
Nimbochromis venutus
Iodotropheus sprengerae
2 i haven't got positive id's yet
1 - 6 inch pleco
sizes range from 2 - 6 inch. i'm plannig on upgrading my tank soon to a 90 gal. my venutus is approx 3 inch now but will get to 10 inches.
hope this helps you out. these that i've listed can be aggressive and out right mean, just make sure there's plenty of hiding places.
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hmmn, when my 6 electrics grow to their full grown size, will my 200L tank me large enough for them? im not planning on an upgrade :/
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imo you should be fine. just make sure you have plenty of hiding places. if my calculation is right your tank is about if not the same size as mine and i've had most of my africans in it for about 2 yrs now and there doing fine. if by some chance you end up with a breeding pair you'll have some aggression issues.
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heres a suggestion, completely scrap those huge gravel stones and place some nice soft sand instead. cichlids love sand.
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Yeah ... i noticed that when i put my fish in there lol ... i also thought it would of looked heaps better too, but now its a pain to take all rocks out n stuff ... is there an easy way like its going to be really annoying, and where can i buy some sand for fish tank? how much am i looking at$$
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A bag play sand from Lowes or Home depot will work just fine in a fishtank.........Just rinse it VERY, VERY well......... my only concern is with sand in the tank and the way africans like to dig in it, if you have rocks stacked up for caves, the fish can dig under rather easy and cause a collapse of the rocks.........possibly trapping themselves, or worse have the rocks fall against the glass walls of the aquarium..........Just something to consider........I have raised africans for the last 20 years and have never used sand in any of my tanks just for this reason
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I think every tank deserves a heavy machine gun. I know I have enjoyed mine much more since I added in a browning M2 .50 cal to the top of the turret. Just so much more bang for your buck.

ohhhh fish tank, sorry, I should have read that first.

But seriously, I like to have a mix of colors in my tanks. If you're going for more cichlids maybe something like this?

Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Red Peacock Cichlid

I don't know if they are compatible with what you have though...but I just like having red fish in the mix.
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