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The typical new member question...

Greetings from a new member. I've had a 20g for a couple years and have finally upgraded to a 55g. I got these little guys at the LFS and, of course, want to know what they are. The store had them as some kind of ram but not german blue or bolivian. I did try and find others but no luck. So I thought I would throw it out to the big brain of fishkeepers out there. Thanks for the help and I look forward to future discussions. Of course I will get tank pictures as soon as I compress them a bit.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Hmm, I have bolivians, definitely not a match. Not sure, but I am sure someone will come along with the info.
Looking forward to your tank pictures!
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I know! Let's call it Apistogramma Somethingorother!
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Looks like a German Blue Ram to me. Or maybe the gold variety.
German Blue Ram

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is it just me or do those rams look like they have a ballon belly?............I sure hope some evil person didnt try to breed this trait into such an awesome little fish..........Never understood why some people try to do selective breeding on some species of fish......It just doesnt make sense to me.......Why mess with something that has been around for years?........Just to have a different looking fish?.......
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Fishinpole, They are indeed a variety called the balloon ram. I have also seen an electric blue or neon ram as well. Can't help but think that thses variations only weaken the strain rather than trying to improve on these fish. I did manage to keep a couple of the gold ballon rams alive for nearly two years. Sadly,one passed away last week. I don't feel too bad though, considering they're life expectancy is not much more than three years in ideal conditions. For me,, the Gold rams fair better than the german blues but I can't explain it.

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Yikes. What a great way to start a new membership, buying frankenstein fish!! No wonder I couldn't find anything that looked like them. I hope they do well for a few years. They are only about an inch and a half. They seem to be doing well with the other fish so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the responses.
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After a quick google of Balloon Ram it does seem to match my fish. They were listed a Balloons, Balloon Blues, Balloon German Blues. Very confusing. Are they a legitimate fish or just a faux hybrid mutant fantasy fish? Oh well the kids like them...
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Welcome to the forum, Miller Time!
Just when you think you've seen it all (blood parrot fish, tattooed mollies, etc) someone messes with what I consider to be a perfectly gorgeous fish, all in the quest to make a few bucks. It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature. Still, your fish are very pretty and with good care hopefully they will live a number of years!

Looking forward to seeing your tank shots.

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Thanks. We'll just call them "Frankenfish" I guess.
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