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Soft water African cichlids?

I've been trying to find info on African cichlids that prefer an acidic to neutral ph.

I found:
- African butterfly cichlid
- Kribensis

I have congo tetras already in a heavily planted 90g, and was thinking about making this a peaceful (except at breeding time) African tank.

Are there any other others? Cichilds that is?

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Most of the species of Cichlids from Africa require 7.2-9 pH.

The species better suited to lower more acidic water would include most species of South American cichlids.

Some species to consider for a 90g tank would be:

'Geophagus' brasiliensis
Pterophyllum altum - Angels
Oscars - Ideally they prefer a more Neutral than acidic pH.

Kribensis are nice fish although they only get to about 3-4".
Jewel cichlids also are a fish to consider - They are quite aggressive
Rams also work in softer water.
Blue acaras are also a fish to consider.

10g Fry / Hospital / QT tank (as needed)

75g Saltwater Reef, Ocellaris Clownfish, Lyretail Antias (baby), Lemon damsel, Longtail Fairy Wrasse, purple dottyback, snails, crabs and a few LPS corals.

220g Still sitting empty (come on Lottery I need the numbers to come up!)
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If you're set on Africans then you'll need to look at west African cichlids from streams, rivers and such. There are a decent amount of them however the availability for sale I'm not 100% sure of. Pelviachromis, Nanachromis, Anomalochromis and Thysochromis are some of the dwarf cichlids you can consider. They all are also suitable to live with smaller South American cichlids.
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Thanks all.

I was really excited about finding some African cichlids that could be relatively peaceful and housed with tetras, and I checked out the suggestions and have a better idea how to look for them. But I think what I found originally might be it for cichlids I would consider. I didn't want any notorious diggers, and I was looking for dwarfs.

I already have a South American tank, so I was interested in trying something different in my other large tank.

I appreciate all the input!!!
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