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so i think my angel fish is quite epic!!

so yeah my angelfish sid has become awesome. i went in to feed him tonight and just for fun i held a piece of food out for him in my hand and to my surprise he came rite over and started to chow down on a little flake. after i had given it to him he swan rite past my finger brushing against it like a cat or something. ha i guess fish will never cease to amaze us. what a cool experience :D

is it odd for a fish keeper to eat fish sticks??!!!
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yes, i agree, angels have GREAT personalities! I have had my big angel for 2 years now, and she is like any of my other pets. she swims to the edge of the tank anytime i come into the room, (obviously wanting food! ) but of course i give her some! she eats right out of my hand, she lets me pet her too. i can put my hand in the tank, and she'll swim right up to me and between my fingers, and let me rub her sides. it's such a neat experience. i totally wouldnt do it if it stressed her out, but i think she enjoys it! :D

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I love angels. I had 2 angels many years ago (a marble and a golden) who were like dogs. The marble would eat out of my hand and let me pet him. They would do the little begging dance every time I passed the tank. But if someone else came up they wouldn't do anything. They knew who the food came from!

I can't wait to get my new angels out of QT and into their new home. They are young but are already full of personality. They too do a very energetic begging dance even if they see me just look their way from the couch. lol

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