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Silly Angels.

I'm wondering if any one else has silly Angels. I have 2 angels in my 25 and they get along great. They absolutely LOVE those little bloodworm cubes. I've gotten in the habit of holding the cube in my hand, which is really funny. They see the cube and they start to pull at it as the worms defrost and it's the funniest feeling. I want to see if I can get them used to seeing my hand in the water to try and reduce stress. Next time, I'll get video.

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I was just doing their weekly bloodworm feeding and my big angel bit me on accident!

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You can absolutely train them to eat from your hand. My late Zebra did that all the time.
They even bit my daughter's hand. A hand is a hand for them as long as there is food in it, they will go for it.
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I had an angelfish years ago that learned how to scarf snails. For every snail I disposed of, 3 would take its place. After a while, I just smashed the buggers against the glass. At first, the angel would move away then come back later to investigate the 'smutch'. He (or she) would pick the meat out with relish. Eventually the fish learned that when I put my hand in the water, a tasty snack ensued. He would drift over and watch the snail fixedly until I smashed it. He would suck the whole snail in and somehow manage to swallow the meat and spit the shell bits out.
After a while, he got to the point he could suck the snails out of the shells and/or crunch through the shells. This lasted until he ate the two large 'breeder' snails. End of snails, end of treats.. Oh well, it was fun to watch while it lasted.

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all my livebearers do that. if i jst put my hand they go check it out and swim straight through my hand.

the types fish that i have r?
mollies 4 normal 1 sailfin
platies 4
guppies lots
swordtails 8 normal 1 bouble swordtail
bristle nose catfish-5 albino 5 normal
white clouds
2 albino and 1 bronze corydoras
Zebra danios 4 normal 1spotted 1 albino longfin
1 Betta red/blue/purple
bristle nose fry
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