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Should we get a jaguar ?

My boyfriend and I are establishing a 100gal tank for our oscar. Currently we have the 4.5in tiger oscar, about a 10in sailfin pleco, and far more snails than we would like, lol.

He saw a jaguar cichlid at the store yesterday and is obsessed with getting one. Unfortunately, I keep reading mixed reviews as to how aggressive they really are. I don't want anything that will kill the oscar or pleco. Is it a good idea or not? Also, wWe plan on also getting a fire eel for the tank in the next few weeks. Will the jag hurt him?

We were told we should have 3 different "swimming" fish (ie not the pleco and eel don't count). If we do get the jaguar what would work for our 3rd fish? We don't want anything too big because there isn't going to be enough room for another huge cichlid. The BF wants a jack dempsey but I've seen them beating up on oscars before.
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In my humble opinion and from observing the jaguar in others tanks, If both fish were small it MAYBE ,,could work for a while. Ultimately ,,the jaguar will in my view become too assertive for the oscar,jack dempsey,and or eel. Were it me,(and it ain't) I might consider Blue acaras,firemouth,and or convict for tankmates for oscar. As I'm sure you know, these fish,(oscars)grow large and quite rapidly under proper care. Heavy filtration,and frequent water changes along with a varied diet will help all fish not just oscars or cichlids to remain healthy.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Now way!
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Sigh, now I'm confused because over on another forum I saw a large
number of people claiming to keep jags, oscars, plecs, eels, etc together.
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Many people unfortunately, keep inappropriate fish together. While there are exceptions to the norm, Few are those that work out in the longterm. More often as not ,as the fish grow ,,territorial and or aggression issues become more and more of a problem with some fish being injured ,or killed outright, Then the owners of these fish are faced with trying to find new homes for these adult fish which many simply don't have proper sized tanks for.
The bigger problem in my view, is that 80 to 90 percent think that they,, will be one of maybe two percent of those ,that have properly sized tanks and thus have success with keeping the fish you mentioned together with minimal problems. By properly sized tanks,, I mean tanks of 200 gal or larger.
Sure anyone can keep small fish,or innapropriate fish together. Ask them to post photos of adult fish in their tanks. I believe the photos will be few in numbers.
In closing,, I would also urge you and your boyfriend to resist the urge to feed the fish you decide on,, feeder fish purchased from fish store. These fish are often carrying all manner of bacterial diseases and or other pathogens due to the conditions of the tanks they are kept in. You have no doubt seen them in tanks containing several hundred. All it takes is one diseased fish (feeder) to infect your fish.
If you feel you want to feed a fish such as jaguar, or oscar,OCCASIONAL live foods,best to raise said live foods yourself.Less chance of introducing disease. Hope some of this helps you make informed decision.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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It depends on the personality of the fish in question. I think some jags would do fine, but that vast majority would simply be to territorial to cope with an oscar in a 100g tank. If you tank was, say, 500 gallons, well that might be another story.

A jack dempsey MIGHT be okay... honestly, I think it would but I have seen a couple individuals beating the crap out of red devils.
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As a jaguar is a big cat of the panthera genus, you may experience problems with it eating your fish, boyfriend, and yourself. You may also be at the risk of violating local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the keeping of exotic and/or dangerous animals. Surely you would need some sort of permit, and the housing requirements...well, one can imagine that it would be quite difficult in most normal living situations.... cichlid...

:) I couldn't resist.
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LOL, Herky...yah a real jag might be a bad idea indeed! :)

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Oh and I didn't plan on doing live fish. I've done a lot of research on that subject.
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imo your better off going with a jack demsey over a jag, just get one that's about the smae size that way they can grow together and they may get along. if you wait until the oscar is 8 - 10 inch you'll find out that it'll be hard if not impossible to try to put another fish with it cause he'll have claimed the tank for himself. i got my oscars and jd when they were about 2 1/2 - 3 inch and almost 2 yrs latter they all get along very good.
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