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Does anyone have them? Can you refresh my memory about them? I had them many years ago, and am thinking about setting up a tank for them. And also do you know an online vendor for them?
Your help is appreciated.

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You might try I know they carry lots of appisto's not sure about others. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Shellies are awesome! They're east african, so they require very hard alkaline water.

Check out for buying. I always see Neolamprologus multifasciatus for sale under Tanganikan, and there are often some other rarer ones as well.
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I've been keeping "multies" for a few years now - very easy, very cool.

I recommend at least a 20g tank if possible, with a coral sand (aragonite, etc) bottom - the sand will help buffer against pH shift, and will be easy for the shellies to move (they like to dig).

I then put as many mid-sized (1-2" ) snail shells on the bottom as I can. These will provide the homes for the shellies.

I like to start the tank with about 6 cichlids - this way I have about 98% odds of having at least 1m1f, and I've got the beginnings of a "colony"

I try to keep the pH about 8.0 - 8.4 (I use the malawi buffer from Seachem).
I feed small foods - small mini-pellets, small flakes, small frozen foods (daphnia, baby artemia, and cyclopeeze) along with live baby artemia.

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