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sexing severums

I have 3 severums. Knowing what I know now I would have loved 3 green severums, but I wasnt on my pure strain kick yet ;) I have 1 gold severum, and 2 red crested severums. Everything I know and have red about sexing severums tells me nothing about these guys. They all have elongated dorsal and anal fins, a male trait, and yellow eyes, a female trait. The two red crested sevs were sold as a 'pair', but im thinking all 3 are the same sex, but I cant tell what that sex is.

One red crested gets very territorial about the middle of the tank, and often harmlessly liplocks with the other two, and has turned very dark in color. The other at one point dug a large pit in the gravel.

what do you guys think?

the gold (obviously) severum. The markings on the glass is just algae.

this is the sev that was digging the hole.

this is the one that has been dark lately. Darker even than in this picture that was taken a few days ago

and ideas?

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I am not 100% sure on this but I'm thinking that Female(Gold) , Male and Female(Red Crested)...females can turn a very dark color when in breeding mode.

I don't see any markings on the head of Gold Severum to indicate male (Gold Males usually have markings across their head)

The only way to be 100% sure is vent them but that can be hard to do.

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very cool. Thanks tazman :)

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Welp, theres an update. The gold is definitely a female. I caught her laying eggs (well, my gf caught her) on the upright driftwood today. She was being closely guarded by the third severum above. So we know shes a girly and hes a boy. I suspect the other rotkeil is a boy too, which kinda annoys me because they were bought as a pair!

They were both eating the eggs as fast as she popped them out, unfortunately. The good news, is they are both different color morphs, so I dont feel too bad about letting the LFS sell the fry. Heres hoping!

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