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the last one is similar to a stocking I had once, sorta, minus the bichir. I can tell you from experience that there is NOTHING more impressive than watching 15 or so tiger barbs swimming in a school.

I had 3 green sevs, a school of tiger barbs, 2 blue gourami (yeah yeah, was a bad idea but worked out) and a pleco (dont remember if it was my red eye royal or common) in a 110 and it was one crazy cool tank.

the first selection might be my favorite of those 3, minus the rainbows. too much up top for me :)

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Man those sound great. I'm sure you already read but the sev I want to get is way passive. It is the largest fish in his tank and it doesn't bother any of the other fish. If it gets picked on it just swims away. I would really love those tannk set ups. My mom is the same way. She wanted these arcs now I have to convince her to get rid of the ones we just got to get a new one.
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Do you think you couls put a severum, electric blue jack dempsey, and a blue acara in the tank?
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that CAN work. With an emphasis on the capitalized CAN. The dempsey will get big. big big. bigger than the severum by a couple inches. The reason I say can and not wont, is the electric blue jacks CAN (again the emphasis on the capitalized CAN) be docile. Ive seen then in the 75 holding tanks at one of our LFS' with 4 of them at 6" happily swimming about, and ive seen two, one with no fins and a missing gill cover. They tend to be less agressive than the regular jack dempseys, but YMMV. I dont recommend it, because the EB jacks can get pricey, and if it doesnt work (which it very well may not in such a small tank) you will be out that money taking the little guy back to the store, or foster care.

I had a flowerhorn in my 110g that grew up not being ALL that bad with the other fish, then one day she just turned into a complete (expletive deleted) and we had to give her away to a gentleman who regulars my LFS. Which is cool because it made room for my Rotkeils, but now im just rambling.

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I wouldn't recommend it just due to bioload and territories. It could easily work if you drop one and provide lots of line of sight interruption. I almost went this route (the severum and EBJD) for my 75. If you go that way from what i have read top level quick dithers tend to calm jacks down (rainbows, giant danios, etc). Though i should warn you that i have also read that EBJD's tend to be notoriously finicky fish and die often before they are fully grown for no reason. Also the tank i would have done it in has a huge slate rock piece in the center that effectively would have split the tank in 2 for territories.
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I really like the tank setup with one Severum and roughly 8 Tiger Danios. What would be another type of fish to add with this group? I saw some people with severums that had Rams in with them. Could a couple of rams work? Or what else should I add?
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I have a group of cories in with my sevs and they do great together.

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I would think that Tiger Danios would stay to small but might work with the rotkeil. Depends on what spots of the tank you want filled and if you want schooling species or maybe another medium sized fish.

How does something like this look? Should be a good mix of color.

1x Rotkeil Severum
1x Blue Acara
1x Bristlenose pleco
8x Tiger Danios
10x Ruby Barbs
10x Emerald Green Cory cats

Gives a little wiggle room if you want more of any particular species too

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I don't know much about them personally, but the profiles says that can be kept with larger tetras species. So may Congo Tetra, Colombian Tetra, etc. I think Giant Danio may also work.

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I actually ended up putting 4 rams in there. It looks really nice.
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