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Scarlet kribensis pic

Here are a couple pictures of my kribensis, we have had her for about three months, and were told she was wild caught. We originally bought her for a community fish but she is two and a half inches of pure terror, so she lives with my oscar who is slightly afraid of her. Lately I have been thinking about breeding her, but in doing some research I have discovered that I think she is a scarlet kribensis--when excited her belly turns a deep crimson, and she has iridescent blue all over her head. Do you guys think she is a scarlet kribensis, and if you do, do you know anywhere I can get a male?
Thank you

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Anyone know anything? I'm having a hard time finding info
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Looks pretty much like a standard Krib, all Kribs have pinkish patches. Cics change colour depending on the mood. I think that the scarlet Krib is just another name and not another strain :)
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Originally Posted by dlil
I think that the scarlet Krib is just another name and not another strain :)
I agree.:) I have not heard of the name 'Scarlet Krib' despite the fact that I have kept two species before. The first one is Pelvicachromis pulcher. The second one is Pelvicachroms taeniatus. It's a long time I had kept them. I definitely won't be keeping another one. Not unless I have a new tank. These cichlids get vicious and I don't want any injuries happening in my community tank.:)

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she looks like an average krib, i dont think there are different types other than color variations-i.e. common and albino
kribs are normally timid surprised yours is ok with an oscar!
just know that if you breed her, then she may get more aggressive and thier not hard to breed....almost as easy as guppies.

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