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Arrow Rams with a Male Betta

I am getting ready to buy some new fish to a 20g tank and right now I have the following:

1x Male Betta
2x Blue Painted Moons (Platies)
5x Peppered Corys
1x Clown Pleco

There are a few fish I have in a cart, and I would probably try to replace with an upside-down catfish and a ram. I had one that didn't last the week, but I believe it was due to the water being a little too hard for it, and thanks to the driftwood and live plants I've added, it has softened down by plenty without water treatment chemicals. The Betta was difficult at first because he was the first resident of the tank and harassed both the ram and the platies, but has mellowed enough after the ram died. Now I see him chase the platies once in a while, but it looks like he is just playing with them.

I know the risks involved, so no need to tell me. Right now I'm looking into Bolivian Rams and German Blue Rams, and I'm curious if there is a difference between the two besides colors, like is one more mean than the other, more hardy, anything that could prove useful, and if I should buy just one or buy two. Another consideration is that I'm planning to buy some Ghost Shrimp and Nerite Snails, and hopefully they won't get eaten by them.
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Bolivian rams are a lot more hardy than German blues. With the rams, in a 20g, be sure not to get two males, or they will fight constantly, as the tank is not big enough for 2 territories. I'd get just one male, or MAYBE 2 females. cheers, Jim
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Thanks, because those were the two that I could find that were under $10.
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Now, it is my understanding (I may be wrong), but I think that upsidedown cats like to school, and a group would be to much for a 20g, sorry. And at your current stocking, (including 2 female rams) I'd say you are almost at full capacity with stocking.
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no I'm going to buy a male bolivian ram, you just jumped to conclusions there. Upside Down Catfish, I think it depends on the species, but I think schooling is optional. As for the others, I'm looking into buying 3 more platys, 4 Kuhli Loaches, 6 Ghost Shrimp and 3 Nerite Snails. My main concern is that the last two won't get eaten by either the betta or the ram.

Update, took the upside down catfish off the list and decided to keep the rest.

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Yeah, when I said two female rams, I was just leaving room for error. The betta and ram shouldnt eat the shrimp or snails. I dont think they would get big enough to eat shrimp or snails, but if they are small types then just keeping them well fed should prevent that.
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I think it depends on what size they are when they come in. Both come in close to an inch and the snails grow no bigger than one. Had to take out the upside down catfish because if I want a school of them, I would have to pay $7 for each.
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