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This is a discussion on rams!!!!! within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> ok so i really love rams, but im a little confused to b honest. im familiar with the golden, electric blue, long fin, balloon ...

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Lyretail Checkerboard Cichlid
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ok so i really love rams, but im a little confused to b honest. im familiar with the golden, electric blue, long fin, balloon morphs, but im confused about the columbian, and "wild" rams. are the columbian rams a different species? or aare these just common names for Mikrogeophagus ramirezi refering to their place of breeding or origin. also how do "wild" rams differ in patterning from rams raised in germany or south america? ive heard that "wild" rams have the best coloration but im just curious if ive ever seen them. maybe this is just a silly question but all these common names are confusing me. thanks for the help
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rams = rams any way you call it, it's a ram ... just like bettas ^.^
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A ram is a ram--but they are quite different in several respects.

First, there are two species, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is the common or blue ram, and Mikrogeophagus altispinosus is the Bolivian Ram. The latter is not available in "variants" as far as I know, whereas the common ram is--the balloon (don't buy these, they are deformed), gold, german blue, electric blue, and whatever else someone may have dreamt up.

The care for the common ram variants is basically the same. Wild rams can be a very different story. This fish is highly sensitive to water parameters (hardness, pH and temperature) and wild fish need very precise aquaria conditions or they simply will not live long. This is explained more in our fish profile--click on the shaded fish name in posts to see that fish's profile, or use the second tab from the left in the blue bar at the top.

Wild fish do tend to be more colourful in general, without the "enhanced" colours of the various morphs.

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Byron- Thanks for the info on rams. I knew there were two different species but couldn't recall what they were. Pathetic since I keep Bolivians and couldn't recall which species they were. LOL
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