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questions about angel fish

The guy at my fish store says I just have to wait probably another week for my aquarium to finish cycling and then I get more fish! I am so excited and it is so hard to wait, but don't want to do it too soon. My husband and I would like to get some angel fish, as we have always loved them. I see from the fish profiles that there are three kinds of angels, but our fish store only seems to stock one kind and I am unsure which one it is. I also want to get some bottom dwellers and am wondering if all bottom dwellers get along with angel fish or if there are certain breeds that are a better bet. Also, should I buy the angels or the bottom dwellers first? Or does it matter at all? The fish store guy said the angels will just eat the flake food, but I have read that they have to have special food? My tank is 30 gallons and standard shape. I hope it is big enough for angel fish. Will they be ok with plastic plants, as I don't have live plants and I read in the profile that they like lots of plants. Any help I can get is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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It is best to always check specific species for how fish get along instead of making broad statements like "all bottom feeders" You will have to consider your tank size as well when picking something out. As far as what you add first, as long as your tank is fully cycled I don't think it matters much, though I personally try and at the fish with the narrowest acceptable water parameters last. Thats just a personal preference though.

My Angel fish eat mostly tropical grainuals, with occasional bloodworm's. They have done just fine on that. As with any fish it is important to set a base diet, and then add in a couple times a week some other types of food they enjoy. I think any tank with fish that will not be hazardous to them will be improved by adding live plants, however they won't be hurt by having fake ones.

I think your 30 Gal tank is the bare minimum I would keep Angel fish in, and I am not sure at all if I would keep them in a 30G rectangle. From what I have read, and heard there are two forms of thought with Angle fish that of course contradict each other. One is that you should keep them in even numbers, the other in odd numbers with 3 being the minimum. We presently have two in a tank, and they are doing just fine.

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Thank you for the information. The profile on this website, the way I understood it at least, said to get 4 or 5 angels at a time. But, with my tank being only 30 gal. I may go with 2. I wanted to at least start with plastic plants because it's one less thing to worry about, since I don't know what I'm doing yet. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by Bridget01 View Post
Thank you for the information. The profile on this website, the way I understood it at least, said to get 4 or 5 angels at a time. But, with my tank being only 30 gal. I may go with 2. I wanted to at least start with plastic plants because it's one less thing to worry about, since I don't know what I'm doing yet. Thanks again.
I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but I really would not recommend angels in anything under a 4-foot tank (55g). I think this is explained in the profile, but in summary, angels are shoaling fish that live together in groups and they have a social structure within the group. Two or three are often trouble, because one male becomes dominant (it is their nature) and if either or both of the others happen to be male they can be picked on to the point of very poor health or even death. A group of 5 is best, and given their size of 6 inches length with 8+ inch height, this needs a roomier tank. A breeding pair, if they have naturally "paired" can manage in a 30g on their own, and one does this to spawn them. But I would not do this as a permanent housing of angels. The risk of problems is too great.

Fish that are kept contrary to their natural needs and instincts [such as not in a group] are under stress. This is invisible. But it weakens the immune system, causing possible health issues that would otherwise not occur, and almost always early (premature) death. It can also cause increased aggression, more than normal, to each other and often other fish in the tank.

And, welcome to Troipcal Fish Keeping forum.


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I agree with byron completely

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