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On second thought my idea to put two males in a tank alone is not a good idea at all. I just sat and watched the tank and I am pretty certain, based on activity, that I have 4 males and POSSIBLY one female. I say possibly because she is the only one now with no signs of nipping.

My LFS is great so I was able to take 3 of the known males and just turn them back in. So I am left with what I am 80ish% certain a male and female in the tank.

The one I think is female now though does still chase what I think is male around but only very little. I changed the caves around so there are two networks, one at each end of the tank. The chasing happens in what looks like cave fight.

I am happy to announce that neither of the two I have are chilling at the top of the tank now.

So what I need now is 3-4 more female yellow labs. I figure all I can do, because I don't want to pay $40+ bucks for mature yellow labs, is go to my LFS and watch the tank for 25 or so minutes and make a best guess which is male and which is female?

If anyone has any advice about sex determination I am all fins! : )
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labs can be a pain to sex, particularly as juveniles. Theres a few places online that have good examples of sexed yellow labs. Your best bet is to see if you can find 3 or 4 all at once and introduce them, though as I stated aerlier they are relatively easy going as far as Mbuna go.

Another two options you have to increase their activity level and happiness--over filter (I am running a 30 and a 20 on my 26 gallon) and/or increase the water flow in the tank. Mbuna enjoy clear water and a heavy flow--both which can be knocked out by adding another 20 dollar filter. I don't use activated carbon
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