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prego cichlid

If one of my cichlids becomes pregnet is it going to go on some killer mom rampage and kill everything else in my tank or will it be ok?
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What kind of fish is this? Cichlids don't "get pregnant"; they lay eggs which take a period of time to hatch. Most cichlids guard their eggs and fry very closely and can become very aggressive during the whole process.

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they are mbuna cichlids
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In this case, the mother (sometimes father) will take the eggs into her mouth and even hold the fry there for a while. It can be a long time before the mother eats anything, and often she'll hide during this process. Later she will let them venture around more and will be very protective of them.

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She keeps the fry in her mouth for a while even after they hatch... about 2 weeks after, dont hold me to that, but the female holds the eggs for up to 27 days (at 80 degrees) before they hatch, thats for yellow labs at least. congrats if you were planning the spawning, if not, well, still congrats!!

Bow down to MTS!!!!!!!!
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