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Please help with oscar

My oscar is acting very strange. He's like 6 months and about 5 1/2 in. Hes in

a 55g tank with a jack demsey, we got them at the same time and only fight

on occasion. This past week the oscar has been flipping out. He gets all

crazy and swims into everything really fast. Hes beating himself up really

bad. After tonight episode i think he may have damaged his eye. For the

past 2 days he hasn't ate. Which is also very unusual. What is wrong with

him?? And what do i do about it??!!
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What are your water parameters? What foods do you feed? How does the poo look?

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I don't know what the parameter is right now, but i will before the days over.

We feed them night crawlers. His poo looks like a tube, almost like a worm,

the color is brownish.

I also have another oscar that i've had for 3years in his own tank and he has

never acted like this.
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Ok, i got what i needed, for testing the water. I need to know what the

reading should be for oscars. Really don't know how to read the results.
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it might be that u have two pretty big fish. or at least they'le get big. u probably already know this but just in case, they will each need a 55 gal individually. and the tests. pH shouldn't be a problem. just keep it around neutral. and make sure that nitrate, nitraite, and ammonia are pretty low. do a lot of water changes. and to feed him see if he'l eat live thngs.
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Not just pretty want your ammonia and nitrites to read zero. Nitrates should be around 15-20, and anything over 40 is much too high.
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I'd also recommend varying their diet some more. Oscars need vegetable matter in their diet as well as the high-fat, high-protein night crawlers. Try feeding peas, broccoli, zucchini etc. You'll also want a good, high quality flake food for them.
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