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Pink Convict tankbuddies

I want to get a Pink Convict for my 20 gallon tank. (It's still an empty tank going through the filter/research process at the moment.)

I've done some reading/research on what sorts of fish might make decent tank buddies, that would hold their own ground with a Pink Convict. Jack Dempsys are one that I've read a few on. I also want to get a catfish of one kind or another to help with the green stuff. I've been trying to do some research on them too, as some of them, i've read, just shouldn't be in the same tank as aggressive fish.

Back in Michigan we had about a 170-200 gallon tank and there was an oscar, something with devil in it's name, and two other aggressive Cichlids in the tank, and I wish that I could remember what. But my Pink Convict did rather well on its own. Can't say the same for the Oscar, but anyway.

To make a long story short, in your opinion, what would make good tank buddies with a Pink Convict? And, what sort of catfish would you suggest, in your experience, for a tank with aggressive Cichlids in it?

Thanks everyone!

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Hello Charley :D ,

IF you want Cats or Cics to go in with the Convict you are going to need a bigger tank, try another Con in there, BTH I think you maybe be better to rethink your stocking list.
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In a 20 gallons, only a convict or two will do. This fish may be small but its temper is rather terrible. Definitely, I second Daz's suggestion to contemplate further on your stocklist. There will be no other fish to put there.

Most catfish will not fit in a 20 gallons. Smaller species will only be bullied to death.

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My only issue with another convict is that i've read that they breed like crazy, and that is not something that I am looking for.

Like I said, i've had one before, in a larger tank, but that is just out of the question right now. I don't mind having only one in there. And if my tank is too small and only one other fish is do-able, then would you suggest something that would help clean the tank or just another cichlid?
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I have a :arge Bala Shark in with my 2 black Convicts. Also a small catfish in a 29 Gallon

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