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Pics and questions

This is a discussion on Pics and questions within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> We've come across a bunch of cichlids recently, some rescued some bought. 1. Not sure what these blue ones are, the one in the ...

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Pics and questions

We've come across a bunch of cichlids recently, some rescued some bought.

1. Not sure what these blue ones are, the one in the centre is a male we think and it's a femal on the left. Has same colors as male, but darker stripes but doesn't really show with the head on shot.

2. Not sure what this guy is either.

3 and 4. Know it's a jack dempsey but can anyone verify gender?

5. A picture of most of the fish in the tank. Can anyone spot the fish that doesn't really belong lol. You can see the female from 1 towards the bottom right.
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The Jack Dempsey is a male. Sorry, I'm not an African person so I'll let someone else identify those.

Oh, and the fish
in the last pic that doesn't belong ...looks like there's a kissing gourami in there.

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I would actually guess female for the jack due too all the spangling on the gill plate.

The first pic is a pseudotropheus socolofi. The other one could very well be a sub-dominant male and not a female venting is the only way to determine gender 100%.

The second pic looks to be a small red zebra or metriclima estherae.

You have some hard hitters in that tank so I would watch aggression. Also do not sell/give away any fry from this tank for you defiantly have some hybrids in there.

PS:scientific names might be mis-spelled.
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which fish are hybrids? we picked up most of these fish from petland listed as bumblebee cichlids and electric yellow cichlids.... the two blue ones came with a tank I bought the previous owner said they have bred before so I'm guesing one male one female :P ..... the only other unknown fish someone previously identified as a Msobo he's the yellow guy turning blue.... the bumble bees are both male .... though I think one of the yellows may be female not sure tho..... if I have hybrids tho I would like to know so I can keep them from breeding more... thanks
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