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over feeding

This is a discussion on over feeding within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> this is more of a statement than a question,was just wondering how others felt. Lol I can see how over feeding could become a ...

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Smile over feeding

this is more of a statement than a question,was just wondering how others felt.

Lol I can see how over feeding could become a very fast and easy problem.So far I /we have 3-yellow labs and 4 demonsi,all together now for just about 2 weeks( bought the labs first then a week later the demonsi)
So far so good ,they are all just small (about an inch)although soon as the lights come on they are out playing and swimming,but as soon as they see movement in front of the tank they all head to the glass and upto the top of the tank ready for a meal,like lil puppies.
So i geuss there is a question,is it possible to overfeed them,well besides the waste I mean.Will they stop eating and just let the food fall?Or can they harm themselves with something like obesity I geuss is what I'm asking.
I feed them about three times a day mixture of flakes and small pellets(although I have seen them try to eat the pellets but either to big or to hard)so do they eat the pellets after they soften up and sink?or am I just wasting time with them for now?l
Ok thats it for now,lol not too bad for not having a question eh?
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This is more of a generalization than specific to your fish.
1) fish, like people and other pets, can overeat. Some species are more prone to do it than others
2) Some fish, such as angelfish, can get extra fat deposition around their organs that may shorten their lifespan (so I'm told by folks here who should know).
3) Biological fact - a reduced calorie diet has been shown to extend lifespan, even for humans.
4) three times/day is a lot unless you limit each feeding. The rule of thumb is feed what they can eat in 5 minutes. You may cause a buildup of nitrate in your tank if you overfeed (this will stress the fish).

Just because they will eat, doesn't mean they always should!
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I feed mine 3 times a day but only enough for them to eat about a minute each time. The intestinal track of an African cichlid (not sure about other cichlids) is extremely long and it is a good practice to make them fast at least one day a week. Also, use a food source that does not have a lot of protein to reduce the chance of Malawi bloat. Peas act as a laxative and help them cleanse any buildup they may have. I use NLS cichlid pellets that are made for Africans.
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Awsome advice on both posts, thank you very much.
On the pea's part do you cook them?raw? frozen?
and never heard about the fasting part ,very good to know thank you.
And for the feeding part,I still feed three times a day but only about a minute or two's worth of food,so far so good.

"Just because they will eat, doesn't mean they always should!"
lol great advice, thank you
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