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oscars not well

I have 2 Tiger Oscars that are two and a half years old. Both of them have'nt eaten for a fortnight, and they have pretty much turned black. P.H. is perfect, temperature is ideal and there are no nitrites etc. in the tank. They have just been wormed, and I don't know what to do any further. Any suggestions??
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We need some more information.

-How big is the tank?
-What are the nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate reading(actual numbers please)
-How big are the fish?
-Do you feed feeder fish?

Answer those questions and we will be better equipped to help out.

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Originally Posted by rrcoolj View Post
We need some more information.

-How big is the tank?
-What are the nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate reading(actual numbers please)
-How big are the fish?
-Do you feed feeder fish?

Answer those questions and we will be better equipped to help out.
unable to get figures re nitrates etc. the fish are about 8 inches long. and it is a 4 foot tank, (200liter cap.) and I feed them mosquito fish from my pond, but they are well wormed.
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How often do you do water changes and how much volume are you changing? I suspect with 2 Oscars in a 4 foot tank that nitrates may be through the roof unless you are doing large weekly or even twice weekly water changes. If you could get a nitrate reading that would help.

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We have tank water at the correct Ph. We have treated for Ammonia. We change about half the water when we think necessary. Please elaborate on this nitrate content. Many thanks
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Do you test the water yourself or have someone else such as your local Fish Store (LFS) test it for you. Many LFS will tell you that the water is fine when it is actually not.

Do you know about aquarium cycling and creating the bacteria needed to break down waste etc.?
One needs to understand this..Ammonia is converted to Nitrite which is then converted into nitrate. Nitrate is removed with regular water changes.

Have a look here for an excellent article which explains the processes involved in cycling.

Oscars create an awful lot of waste and as such, this gets broken down as mentioned above. The nitrates are the least toxic bi product of the nitrogen cycle, Ammonia and Nitrite are extremely toxic to fish and will do long term harm to them and shorten their lifespan.

Nitrate removal is essential when keeping Oscars because of their dietary requirements for a lot of food, any waste that they produce will be quickly broken down in a cycled aquarium. The way we as aquarists remove this nitrate is by performing regular weekly water changes. Nitrate levels should be kept below 40ppm at any time, lower values being better.

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Agree with above, ain't no way around weekly water changes with one oscar ,never mind Two.
Should also mention that feeding live fish from pond, or feeder's from store, is very good way to introduce internal,external parasites as well as a host of other pathogens.(feeder's can be carrier's)
Some fishes are also rich in Thiaminase which actually helps deplete needed vitamins your Oscar needs.
Krill,chopped earthworms,cricket's,bit's of shrimp,small crayfish, and quality pellet food would be much more nutritional for the fish, and less need for De-worming.
Filter material in tanks holding these fishes needs to be cleaned regularly in old aquarium water you remove during weekly 50% minimum water changes, or in dechlorinated water.
Gravel vaccuming ,water changes,filter maint, on regular basis (not when YOU think it needs it) are mandatory for the health of these fishes if indeed fishes health is of primary concern.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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