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post #11 of 21 Old 01-29-2007, 08:05 PM
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How big is the oscar? You might be able to get away with ghost shrimp. Once the oscar is of a certain size he may not bother with them as a food source. Also he may not notice them period...they are clear afterall. Worth a shot anyway. At worst you'll have spent a buck for a dozen small oscar snacks.
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i think the oscar will eat the ghost shrimp anyway.
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Well only one way to find out for sure. And like I said if it does eat them well its not like they cost a lot of money...and if it doesnt well then you have a cheap way to help clean up some uneaten food. And depending on the tanks decor the ghost shrimp may be able to hide from the oscar even if it did want to eat them. I would assume that they don't want to be eaten and they can move pretty quickly if they have to.
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Osc is about 4 inches long, he isn't very big yet.
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may i also ask how big is the tank?
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eh well he probably will atleast try to eat the shrimp but ya never know. Ghost shrimp are ridiculously cheap so like I said I doubt it'll bankrupt ya to lose a dozen of em.
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oscars eat crustations in the wild and SHOULD make short work of crayfish/shrimp that you add. You could always try out a feeder crayfish and see how it goes. If he eats it you got to see a cool hunt/kill and if not a good clean up crew.

just remember dont use cories or other small cats. And if you get clown loaches make sure they are a very good size.
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Alright, thank you
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We have a friend who has a 90g with an 8 inch oscar (beautiful fella!) and someone had a zillion baby cons and thought they would be a good healthy treat for oscar. Wrong! He never ate a one, and there's now about 6 cons with the largest being around 4 inches. Oscar isn't the least bit interested in live food. And just when I thought I might have to get an oscar to keep up with my baby making HRP's! So you never know, your oscar may be like this big mellow fella!
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I know the answer to this question

do not combine any sort of lobster/cray with your oscar, no matter the size of either animal. I used to own a baby oscar (2 inches or less) and it slaughtered every adult blue lobster I put in there after they matured (I used to breed lobsters).
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