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Oscar Playing Dead

I rescued 2 oscar last night, but now they are both laying on their side. They were ok last night but I wake up and they're doing this. I dont see any of the other symptoms of illness, like gasping or rapid breathing.

Parameters in new tanks are perfect. PH 7.8, should be same as the old tank. I'm wondering if they didn't get banged up a bit on the way home.. it was only a 5 minute ride but 2 oscars in a 5g pail isn't a good fit. Again though... no signs that I see of injury.
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Having had an Oscar before, I did notice him laying on his side not looking good every once and a while. And my perimeters were exactly like yours. I honestly think it was the stress from the commute home, despite how short a trip it was. I find whenever I bring new fish home, they loose a lot of their color and usually regain within a couple hours.

Did you add some sort of water conditioner to the water as you added them? There's a product by API (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) called Stress Coat, which contains aloe vera, which clams the fish down in such situations as transport.

Hope this helps.
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It's really going to be hard to say, hopefully there are just settling into their new surroundings. How big is the tank? What are the parameters? How long has it been set up? Where did you rescue them from? Any other fish in the tank?
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As far as water parameters actual numbers would help. That being said I have never kept oscars but I have read that this behavior is not unusual especially for new fish. Give them time they should come around.

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You're right Rrcoolj, they're up and swimming around now.
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