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oscar 30 g

can a oscar live its whole life in a 30g gallon tank with strong filtration
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no way a 30 gal is not nearly enough space for an oscar to live out its life
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Aww dang. Cause their like my favorite fish in da world..
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More like 75-100 gallon for it to be health and grow properly,as well as happy!!!

80 Gallon--One 12" Albino Tiger Oscar(Whitey),One 11" Common Tiger Oscar (MC-THE OSCAR),One 5" Male Convict(TURNBUCKLE),Three 4" Male Convicts(STATE,MR.DESTRUCTO,ADREI),One 13" Pleco(RILO)

20 Gallon--One 4" Female Convict (Sparky),One 2" Female Convict(WRIGLEY),One 6" Pleco(BEAVIS)

10 Gallon--One 4" Female Convict(COUNTY),One 5" Albino Pleco(SUCKER),One 1" Female Convict(PHEEBE)
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There are other cool cichlids you can keep in a 30g easily, though. If you like fish with a bad attitude, you could easily keep a convict (or even a breeding pair of convicts) in a 30g tank. If you got a bigger tank, like a standard 55g tank, you could keep something like a Jack Dempsey or green terror in a tank that size for the duration of its life.

Oscars can grow up to 16" though, so it's best to have a 75+ gallon tank for them because anything smaller will be too narrow for the fish to turn around in.

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I agree with batman- there are some really, really cool cichlids that would fit in a 30G. Personally, I'd recommend a dwarf pike. They're evil, but so interactive. My friend's starts pacing like a dog when he sees his bag of food come out and plays "fetch" with me when I throw his food in. He catches it wherever I throw it in the tank. Of course, he doesn't bring it back :P

He'll also eat out of my hand (although I'm very careful, they have sharp teeth) and even let me pet him if he's in a good mood (although I don't really recommend this as it's not good for their slime coat).

Oscars are a very popular fish, but there's lots of cool cichs that are less well known but just as cool looking and intelligent.
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firemouths can also be housed in a 30 gallon.

I personally kept an oscar in a 55 gallon tall which wasnt nearly enough room (way back when i was like 9-10)


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