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How big is that pond?? That sounds awesome! I can get sunnies from the lake down the street. Koi are pretty but I really wonder about putting them in ponds since they never seems big enough for the fish. I hear from my neighbors that have ponds that the birds in the area LOVE the ponds and they loose fish all the time.

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im not sure how long it is but its pretty long. it isnt a rock garden or anything its a real pond. we have a bunch of springs in our backyard so we dug out a pond. :) it is only arounf 4-5 feet deep but in the summer we will make it deeper. it has 2 streams going into it and another coming out. the 2 that lead into it push a bunch of gravel and dirt into the pond so it has filled in a lot in the past years.
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iam finding cichlids are awesome as well, my j.d. now nips at my hands and arms when i move something or vacuum the gravel! it feels wierd but he has a good little nip, i think he even pulled a hair or 2 out of my arm one day!

hes got quite a personality, he hides when my friends come over and knows when their backs are turned cause he'll come out and just stare at me!

i love em, but i do need a bigger tank (dont really have the money nor space in my bedroom), from what everyone tells me roughly a 55 gallon.

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c4f, you probably had a prawn, a member of the shrimp family. They can get a little testy, much like a crayfish(freshwater lobster -- crawdads where I come from lol).

By the way folks, I have to say that I am in 7th Heaven reading what all of you are saying about my favorite family of fish. I have been keeping cichlids, religiously, for over 25 years, longer if you wish to include angel fish. I am glad that all of you find them as interesting as I have for all of these years. I can remember going to "all-species" shows and being looked down upon by keepers of killies and tetras. I should have had you guys as my back up. lol
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actually now that you say that herefishie, it was a prawn. he was an awesome little guy!

what is everyones favorite cichlids? mine are by far discus! :D
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