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To me that almost looks like a convict, not an oscar. Either way, it will outgrow your 5 gallon tank within 1-2 months, so you better look at getting at least a 55 gallon if not larger very soon!

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I think your picture quality is good. Is your concern mostly over his changing coloring and lack of eating? Being that he's so new to the tank if it were me (and it's not!) I'd give it a few days. This has always been pretty typical behavior for new fish that I've added to my tank. Someone else will chime in with a better opinion than mine!

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definitely not an oscar. it does however look like an extremely stressed out jack dempsey
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I'm thinking he's not doing too good and I may have to take a frozen fish back..
If I do have to I'm going to make sure I get a Tiger Oscar with the correct, bright orange/red markings.
Would that be better if he doesn't in fact make it?
He's starting to panic and twitch..
He's not looking good at all..
I'm reading up on taking care of Oscars not Jack Demsey's..
He's being fed food for strictly Oscars..

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Next time I get an 'Oscar' I'm getting one that looks like this:

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what food have you been feeding them? im not familiar with oscar specific food.
oscars are like the garbage disposals of the cichlid world, and will eat just about anything. but for the most part, fish food that you would feed your oscar would be fine for a jack dempsey as well.
i would personally much rather have a JD then an oscar.

how long have you had it?
how long since it last ate?

it doesnt look that bad in the picture. probably just stressed out.
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The way he's acting is bad.
I've had it since yesterday.
It ate one medium pellet a half an hour ago.
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sometimes it will take up to a week for a fish to get adjusted to its new tank. if it has already eaten, youre looking good. sometimes they wont eat for a few days.
just give it some time to get used to the tank. leave it alone for a bit. it will come around
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Okay, thank you. But why is it twitching and spazzing?
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