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Wink Discus Fish

Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Jewels: What's your ph? Are they captive bred? I have an interest in them...
Hi there Aunt Kymmie,
After having had an inexperienced shopkeeper tell me to put in a lot of 'pH Down' and killing 2 out of 3 Discus as a result, I only check my pH once a month. I try to keep it as close to 6.8 via regular weekly water changes, rather than by adding any chemicals in the avoid another 'Discus disaster'!
I have 3 at the moment. Alpha and Delta are captive bred Cobalt Blue breed, and Epsilon is a locally bred Turquoise cross with a Cobalt and another breed which I have forgotten the name of! Epsilon is the prettiest, followed by Delta, and I lost another from the same batch as Epsilon when my old tank sprung a massive leak. Since I'm currently a student, I couldn't afford to get another new tank for a while. He, called Beta, was my absolute favorite, so it's a big pity. All are captive bred and are thriving, although for some mysterious reason Delta is smaller than the other 2, despite hand feeding to help him catch up.
I'm a bit of a Discus fanatic myself, although they share the tank with other fish. Everything in the tank is set around the Discus, which a friend of mine advised me to do. Since doing this , and getting a lot of useful advice online via the forum after the 'Discus disaster', I've had nil problems.
My local supermarket don't mind me grabbing bits of slightly tatty baby spinach leaves which have fallen from the container, which I blanch and feed them with, along with Australian brand frozen discus food called....guess what?......."Discus Food"!.....This has bloodworms, brine shrimp, beefheart and other tasty goodies, which the fish remind me about at dinner time! One block per day is how much I feed my 3, considering that the other fish in the tank all feast on it as well.......
Once I've worked out how to 'Utube' a picture, I'll put one online with my logon.
All the best to you and your lovely German Shepherd. Mine currently fast asleep....
Cheers Jewels
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Wink Discus and Angels are peaceful Cichlids

Originally Posted by Daga Taga View Post
I want to thank all of you for your help. I think I will stick with some of the friendly fish for now. I have a 2 year old and Im not sure I want her to see fish fighting to the death. I think I'll wait untill she is a little older. I really appreciate all of your help though. THANK YOU ALL!
Hi there Daga Taga,
Since you're considering friendly fish, I'll assume you mean the Discus and Angels that I was suggesting. I would recommend at least 3 Discus, as they are a schooling fish, and a pair of Angels, which will play with each other. I keep mine in a medium large community tank, nil agggression, nil problems with fighting........My only slightly aggressive fish is a large Redtailed Black Shark, which got out of hand until I got her another buddy to play 'chaseys' with, after her partner died.
Aunt Kymmie is absolutely right to ask about my pH....this needs to be monitored with Discus fish, as they like slightly acidic water. I monitor monthly, but personally I avoid putting additives in the water to adjust pH, doing this instead with water changes, after accidentally killing 2 discus with too much pH down additive, after bad advice from an inexperienced shopkeeper who just wanted to sell me the stuff!
Discus are beautiful and peaceful fish to keep, as are Angelfish. Your 2 year old will love them, I'm sure.
Cheers Jewels

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