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New to Cichlids

I have a 37 galloon (140 liters) cycling right now. I would like to try a planted cichlid tank. I know that some cichlids can be very aggressive. While others can be quite peaceful. i wanted to keep some with some sailfin mollies and cories. i was wondering what types of cichlids, if any, can i keep with the mollies and cories?
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I keep Boliviam Rams. I've got great harmony in my planted tank. Other occupants in my tank are loaches, barbs, otos, a pictus & a bristlenose. I can highly recommend Bolivians; they are a wonderfully behaved cichlid, imo.

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Just about any dwarf cichlid should be safe. Rams, kribensis, apistogramma, nannacara would all be good options. Keyholes would also work.

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cockatoo cichlids could work too.

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