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I have a 40 gallon Hex Tall with one Angel, 6 Lemon Tetras, 6 green cories and real soon a BN. When I first got my Angel a little over a year ago (got him at 1.5") he did the same thing you are talking about. When I introduced him to the tank he went right back to the corner and would not come out for food, etc. I was nervous too, but within maybe 4 or 5 days, he became more playful, learned that I was the one bringing food, and soon started to become best buds with me. A year later he is now 5" or more and has tons of personality. It sounds like this third Angel of yours is doing the same thing, so hopefully he will be fine.
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Yes! Thanks to all for your help and advice. This third angel is now fully part of the tank, and it already knows that I am the one with the food. Even if I just walk by the tank it comes right to the front to watch me!

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Hi there,
Personally, I think that 45 minutes in the bag is a bit long.....All my fish are introduced within about 15 - 20 minutes. remember there is no oxygenation in that bag! Good luck with fish number 3!
Cheers Jewels
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I've had 4 angelfish in my 30long for a couple of weeks now. They hide most of the time also. I have two real plants and a bunch of fake plants too. Since the spotted pim died they like to hide in the corner under a shelf type thing I have.
I had a aquaclear 300gpm hanging on the back and noticed the fish would never go to that side of the tank. I took it off and replaced it with two 150gpm's, one on each side and they seen to like it a lot better. Buying a 55 tomorrow and will be moving them into that once it is cycled.

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